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About Us

Athar Association for Youth Development is a Jordanian association founded in 2013
in Rusaifeh city. It is registered under the Jordanian Interior Ministry. The Foundation
contributions of enhancing the development capacities of the young, and creating
a safe youth environment; in order to combat the extremist thought by moderate
thought, renounce violence in Jordanian universities,
empower women and combat harassment.


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Volunteer work to raise awareness and maintain hygiene

a little architect teaching kids to recycle in a creative designed way

an image from football training

painting on walls to send social messages



We are a Jordanian non-profit youth organization that works to educate youth, provide infrastructure
for youth work, and develop youth's talents to be able to contribute effectively to sustainable
community development and to open up cultural and knowledge horizons for youth .


CBO President

Anas Beliah

نائب الرئيس

ألاء الطحان
having Asian training certificate form Jordan union

sport coach

Firas al qadmoi

She studied Computer information systems in The Hashemite University, a volunteer in social work since 7 years, she has worked in the private sector and the business for a period and then headed for humanitarian work and youth development. The current focus of their role as managers of the programs in Athar to create a supportive environment for trainers working with young people by raising their abilities and make sure you use the lens of psycho-social support in all activities offered within the Assembly.


Nada Ibrahim
Studying press and media and working in humanitarian work since 8 years, the focus of the current role as administrator of the platform of information, and the impact of technology to enrich and develop the content of the report and the follow-up to create a platform of technological information kept pace with the passion of youth and replicated their aspirations.

A member of a public body

Having examined the special education in The Hashemite University working in humanitarian action since 2014 and focuses its current role as the follow-up and evaluation of the impact of youth development to adjust the quality of the services provided by the General Assembly and to measure their impact and the development of their performance.

A member of a public body